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"killing time" appears on the "electric pop II" compilation (cd and vinyl)
as distributed in several countries by neuton.
this makes about 3500 copies of the track sold to interested listeners.
not a single vinyl has been returned by the record shops.

ffonky wimp remix coming from silicon hustler records.

"Killing time makes people go completely nuts on the dancefloor.. I love it every time! And I just love the track, so unusual." --tyler durden (playtime/rio)
"Hey, cool.. especially now that pluto isn't even a planet anymore.. did you notice that guy who rubbed himself against the pillar while your track was playing? can i have a copy of it?" --peaches (kitty-yo)
"Das wollte ich mir natürlich nicht entgehen lassen und hab auch gleich noch ein paar Freunde mitgezerrt. Zu Recht, denn es war großartig. Ein großartiges Konzert, netteste Menschen, ordentlich Alkohol, einfach ein schöner Abend. Danke, Rio! Danke, Carlo!" --oswaldism (apache)

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